These delightful little sheep are great pets, produce a medium to fine wool, and are excellent 'lawn mowers'.

Olde English Southdown Miniature Babydoll Sheep are a rare breed of small sheep. The breed originated in Southeastern England in the 1780s and was imported into the United States in 1803.

They have a teddy-bear appearance with wooly faces that always appear to be smiling. They measure less than 24 inches tall (shorn) at the shoulder. Many animals are as small as 18 inches. Adults weigh 70 to 150 lbs.

These small sheep are fine pets. They are non-aggressive and are naturally polled (have no horns). Because of their small size they are easy to handle. They are docile and gentle natured. They are easy for children or the inexperienced to care for. They are used in petting zoos and as visitors to schools and nursing homes. Because of their strong flocking instinct they do not do well as singles.

Lawn Mowers
Babydoll sheep make good 'organic lawn mowers'. They are good weeders. They leave the ground looking well groomed.

Because of their size they do well in small areas They are ideal for suburban lots and are fun living lawn ornaments. They don't wander and are easy to fence.

The animal is covered with wool over the whole body down the hocks and knees and over most of the face. It is a fine dense wool with medium crimp. It has a 19 to 29 micron average fiber diameter (grades about 55 to 60). The grease fleece weight is 4 to 7 pounds. The 12 month staple is 2 to 3 inches long. Most animals are white, but there are occasional gray, black, or spotted ones.

I've heard that the meat from the lambs is tender and tasty. If your heart can stand it, you could butcher these little pets or sell them for meat.

The sheep are easy to care for. They need regular hoof trimming and worming. They can be cared for like any other breed of sheep. The ewes are good mothers and often raise twins and triplets. They rarely need assistance in lambing.

Lambs, ewes, rams, and wool are available for sale.

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